How Fascinating are YOU?

I knew a change needed to happen because I was bored with my look and needed to break out my comfort zone so not only was I a Latina blonde lol but I was also marketing beauty skin care products.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in my team at that time or within the company create passionate pics like this and this just happened at the spur of the moment. (Keep in mind I was clueless aboutwoman BRANDING)

Back then I had no idea who I was YET! I had no idea how to brand myself or market myself (typical for marketers) so I was branding the products but in a way to be eccentric, sexy, enticing.

This is how #PASSIONATE I was about these high class luxurious #prestigious beauty products.

When I posted this pic it got people talking & not many eyeballs  were on me back then… I was just trying to make a business work and sell products that were #1 in my world & in all honesty I’d still rate the products #1 (tried many and none compares) #legit

The reaction was PRICELESS!!! I was asked OMG Laura I thought it was a video I wanted to watch more! (Its not a porn ladies & gents) Ha!  chicks can be funny  So my thoughts are NOW that I know “How the world sees YOU” & it was ALIGNED all this time but feel more educated now.. This is who the real Laura Ramos is

Question: Do you feel aligned with WHO you are? When marketing and branding yourself YOU gotta be REAL

Disclaimer:  Not paid to market these products have to blur out brand name

The Catalyst (Passion + Innovation)